1997 - 2000 (2)

Perfiles y cieloRomà Panadès is a painter who passes through mastery with those perpetual concerns: death, separation, farewells and the evanescence of us all. In contrast, there is something absolute, constant, in his paintings: space. Nearly everything happens here in Barcelona. The silhouette of Montjuïc, Park Güell, the public square in Sarrià, the seafront, the balconies of the Pla de Palau, the bullfighting ring or the beach of Barceloneta receive some visitors that we can hardly categorise socially. His characters, through the embrace, the kiss, the caress, a gesture, transmit all their happiness, pain and innocence to us. Romà is capable of condensing, of synthesising, the music of “The Beatles” with four brushstrokes that are going to tarnish that which marked the rhythm of an era: the four heads of hair of the musicians from Liverpool, to be precise. From the moment I see his toreros embracing the bulls, his seafarers embracing women from the Raval district, his balconies desiring a sea that is denied them, I feel melancholy and I want to know who his characters are, which is the same as knowing who we are or why we are like we are or why we always seem to be taking our leave of everything that surrounds us. Perhaps that is why his painting is essential and necessary to me. Like everything essential, at the beginning it disturbs. Its extension is hardly noticeable, but it hurts greatly.

Ever. M. Blanchet, Writer and director of Versus Theatre

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