Romà Panadès

Academic Education and Teaching

Romà Panadès graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. In 1982 he received an art scholarship from Fundació Güell.

After graduating, he was, for several years, a university lecturer in Pictorial Procedures in the same faculty. Afterwards, he completed his training with courses in ceramics, mosaic and engraving.

He also devoted particular attention to art within primary education, teaching classes to elementary and secondary students.


He cultivates a figurative art of avant-garde inheritance, with classical roots and a clear modern vision.

Throughout his career has held exhibitions in renowned art galleries such as Sala Parés in Barcelona, where he debuted in a solo show in 1982. Other relevant exhibits are the ones held on Palau de la Virreina in Barcelona, the INCUBI Art de Genolier in Switzerland and the Arpe de Cannes in France. He, as well, has taken part in important art fairs like Artexpo.

His work, alongside Barcelona, Majorca and Madrid, has been exhibited internationally in France, Switzerland, Tunisia, England, Germany and the United States, among other countries.

Panadès art has passed through several periods, each one of them characterized by a vital language, which has been in authentic and constant renewal, in terms of both subject matter and processes.

However, he has always shown deep-rooted links to Barcelona and the Mediterranean and, just as he defines himself, feeling closer to the visual inheritance of cinema than to painting.

Besides painting, he has worked in illustration and poster design (poster for La Mercè Festival, 1993, Barcelona City Council), and collaborated with newspapers such as La Vanguardia, El País and El Periódico de Catalunya, as well as producing book covers and stage designs.

Currently his work is displayed in Fundació Vila Casas, Col·lecció Testimoni Caixa de Pensions, Generalitat de Catalunya, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Diputació de Barcelona and in Banc de Sabadell’s collection.