Custom Work & Collaborations

Custom work

“Welcome Space, Thau School” 2018.
Aluminum sheet shaped in volume.

Pictorial participation on ARTS COLLECTA Grup Codorníu, with the work of art “El Tros Nou”, related to the Codorniu property in Conca de Barberà – Codorniu Wine Cellar (November 2016)

“Cal Travé“ Tarragona Restaurant

Shop “Fusta habitatge” Barcelona

Production of the label ‘TARRAGONA’ for the “Vins de Catalunya, D.O.” Campaign, commissioned by El Periódico de Catalunya newspaper (2002)

Production of the Park Güell plate for the “Plat Fort” campaign (Gaudí Year), commissioned by El Periódico de Catalunya newspaper (2002)

Production of the “Edel Damm Beer” poster, commissioned by S.A. Damm (1999)



Serigraphy edition “Readers” Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Serigraphy Edition “THAU 50th anniversary school” Cultural institution CICC Barcelona

Exclusive serigraphy for the XXIV Congreso de Neonatologia y Medicina Perinatal (October 2013)

Serigraphy: “Sant Jordi 2009” Bookmark for Televisió de Catalunya (TV3)

Lithograph Edition “Pages to write”. Cultural institution CICC Barcelona

Serigraphy Edition “Palau de les Heures” Edition of serigraphy, for the University of Barcelona

Lithograph Edition “Nens a la platja” commissioned by Enciclopèdia Catalana (2000)

Production of “LA MERCÈ 93” poster commissioned by the Barcelona City Council (1993)

“Pla Estratègic Barcelona 2000” Lithographs and posters (1990, 1992 and 1995)

Design and installation of the exhibition “Ritu i mite de la màscara”, Cercle Cultural Caixa de Pensions (Granollers) and Institut del teatre – Palau Güell Barcelona (1988)

Theater season poster, new space of Granollers (Barcelona)

Poster design for the choreography “TAUT” by Agustí Ros (1986)

Theatrical scenery for Versus Teatre – Cercle Cultural Caixa de Pensions, Granollers (1985, 1986 and 1987)



Presentation of ART & Wine “Festa del Trepat”, guest artist (2016)
Donation of the economic benefits to NGOs

Universal Declaration of Human Rights reading on the 65th anniversary of Palau de la Generalitat (2013)

“Los Peces no se mojan” animation film, in collaboration with Fundació Síndrome de Down (2012)
“You” monotype on paper, donation and exhibition, collection ONU Spain

“Boite de Rèves”, stories for children with Helène Duval – Institut français Barcelona (December 2006)

Production of the mural paint “No a la violencia”, for Futbol Club Barcelona, collaboration with artists Robert Llimós, E. Arranz Bravo, Benet Rosell, A. Vives Fierro and Joan Pere Viladecans October 2003